6# Seminars, Educational Programs and Lifelong Learning

Seminars and Vocational training have been for several years one of the main activities of Time Heritage, aiming at bringing the Greek audience (particularly students and young professionals) in contact with new or less well-known disciplines in the heritage sectors, such as Archaeometry, Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage Management, study and preservation of particular materials etc. Participants had the chance to be taught in a condensed seminar by absolute experts in the relevant fields and get advice and mentoring on further specialization.

Following the changing needs in society and located on our own premises, Anastaseos 48, Papagou, Athens, we aim at broadening our educational horizon and at including continuing education programmes as well as children activities. All scheduled seminars are in Greek.

Information about the thematic entities we are going to offer for 2018 you can find in the session "News".